Meet the brightest new product of this year – tea called “Assortea”! 6 unique flavors of Assortea will make you feel cheerful and raise your spirit by charging you up with energy during the moments when things are humming!

What makes “Assortea” so unique?

Unique blend of “Assortea” is a combination of Kenyan tea’s soft aroma with strong and refreshing flavor of Indian tea. Each “Assortea” flavor is designed to tone you up and charge you up with energy for the whole day!

There is no time to hassle when you want to show everybody who you truly are! (From our TVC)

New Yeti Energy – the most courageous source of additional Energy for your body!

Because of its unique recipe Yeti Energy instantaneously and continuously fills you up with strength and confidence in situations that require uncovering all your physical and mental potential!

With Yeti you act on the edge of your abilities!

It’s a best decision for extreme trips, loud parties, intensive examination periods and outdoor activities.

Find your own Yeti for each situation in life and don’t be a turtle!

- Yeti Original 0.4l Pet, 0.33L CAN. - Indisputable hit for every situation! Energy drink with a world-famous favorite classic barberry taste.

- Yeti Tropic Energy 0.4l PET. Contains 48% of natural juice! It’s a great decision for dating and extreme partying!

- Yeti Coffee Energy 0.4l PET. Contains real coffee of a great quality! This flavor was developed especially for office workers and true coffee lovers.

Nectar Solnechnyi is a brand of high-quality and budget friendly juice drinks, which give the pleasure of taste and life!

A variety of all-liked tastes, formats and reasonable price – these are the qualities making Nectar Solnechnyi an ideal drink for parties, playdates, picnics, family dinners and millions of other blessed events. Nectar Solnechnyi is so delicious and invigorating that one cannot but enjoy every moment of life with it! And our new amazing design of Nectar Solnechnyi package is another reason for joy!

Mountain glaciers, which are source of water for A'SU, reign over places where there is always clean air, fresh wind and where no foot may tread. Having passed through natural filtration, filled with natural power and carefully preserved by professionals, A'SU crystal water is available for everyone, who aims for healthy lifestyle, harmony and beauty.

Thanks to balanced content of minerals and microelements, smooth taste and perfect quality, A'SU is fully digested by body and helps to keep your tone up.

A'SU is a choice of active people living full and intense life.

A'SU is an official water of Astana Pro Team, which is well-known for its achievements in international competitions. During exhaustible trainings, athletes drink purest water of the Ile Alatau mountains. Astana Pro Team knows what they need for excellent well-being and tonus and that is why they choose A'SU.



Lipton Ice Tea is the drink based on tea and having the unique taste characteristics. Its pleasant, refreshing taste and naturalness attract the followers of active and healthy life style.


Lipton Ice Tea combines the natural energy of tea with fruit additives. It is sufficiently sweet, rich with antioxidants and does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. That is why it is not just tasty, but also useful.

Each bottle of Lipton Green Ice Tea gives you the power and all useful properties of the freshly brewed green tea, but in the testier, fresher and convenient form.

«DADA» – the heritage of RG Brands

Established in 1999 (the first brand of the company).

Is sold in more than 19 biggest cities in Kazakhstan and 9 cities in Russia.

A brand with the highest level of awareness among juices and nectars (99,5%)*.

“DaDa” Family:

  • DaDa juices and Nectars
  • DaDa Dacha juices and nectars
  • DaDa nectars Tochno Sochno for kids above 3 years old
  • DaDa Day still drink with juice content

DaDa juices and nectars have been one of the most well known trade marks of local production in Kazakhstan for more than 15 years.

Top-quality ingredients, absence of preservatives and colorants , wide assortment and inevitably high quality is why people choose and appreciate DaDa.

We try to take care of our consumers the same way they care of their families and themselves. That is why we offer only 100% natural and healthy product. DaDa appreciates family values of its consumers, rejoices at simple terrestrial things together with them and creates the feeling of welfare and coziness.

It’s worth to mention that taking care of you we offer ecologically pure apples grown in the region of Zailijsky Ala Tau, and we are sincerely proud that “Almaty apples” are used in production of DaDa Dacha.

* Source: Aided awareness rate, Millward Brown “Kazakhstan Juice Market” August, 2015.

DaDa Day refreshes and makes you to say “yes” to your wishes. The brand basis is desiring to act and challenge to ordinariness and routine. Where everybody says “not” and stands still, the brand says “yes” to everything fresh and new, to bright emotions and feelings. The idea of the brand is unconventional thinking, self-expression, to be and to consider yourself not as “crowd follower”, but as a person creating the positive changes.

Each taste is unique and emotion-bearing. The DaDa Day taste range is similar to the modern friend group – it combines the bright and interested tastes that complement each other.

Gracio is a 100% juice with no added sugar made of premium fruit only.

This full of style and expressive line was especially created for every discerning taste. That’s why it is so enticing and so desirable. The latest tastes, pomegranate and mango have their own admirers already…have you tried them yet?

Give in to temptation. Give in to the Gracio temptation.




Pepsi is the carbonated soft drink of PepsiCo Company, being one of the most popular international brand in the world, it is well known and loved even in the most remote parts of our planet.

Pepsi was invented by the young pharmacist Caleb Bradham in 1898 in New-Bern, North Carolina state (the USA). The trade mark was registered on June 16, 1903. Initially the brand name was Pepsi-cola, but in 90th, simultaneously with re-branding it was decided to simplify and reduce the name, having left just “Pepsi”.

Pepsi is the youth brand for those who love joy, who open up at full and live to the maximum! That is why in the advertising campaigns all over the world, including Kazakhstan, the most popular stars of show-business, embodying the bright example of such life, are involved.

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AportSchorle is the first schorle made in Kazakhstan. An innovative drink represents a mix of natural juice and refreshing sparkling water.

AportSchorle is created using the European beverage production technologies for drinks of schorle category customized according to the local taste preferences. Composition of AportSchorle includes traditionally an apple juice. Juices of other favourite berries and fruits are also added into the drink: strawberry, black currant, Aronia (chokeberry), lemonand elderberry. 3 delicious schorle are offered at choice of the consumers.

Juice percentage in schorle with tastes «Apple» and «Apple-Strawberry» is 30%, in «Multifruit» – 20%. No colors, preservation agents and nutrient additives are used for production of AportSchorle. Sugar content is minimized. AportSchorle is both wholesome and tasty domestic product: this drink with middle aeration refreshes and quenches your thirst perfectly. AportSchorle is sold on the market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia in two most popular packages – in 0.4 l and 1.25 l bottles.

7UP is sweet carbonated soft drink with the flavor of lime.

Formulation of the drink has been changed for several times starting from the date of creation thereof in 1929 by the American Charles Laper Grigg, who gave to the drink the long and unutterable name "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime". The last change of the formula was made in 2006. Before that the formula of 7UP included 7 ingredients, due to which the existing name of the brand appeared in the year 1936. "UP" meant the bubbles, which go up.

Owing to its ingredients 7UP immediately makes your mood better. That is why the motto of the drink and the sense of all advertising campaigns concentrate on – Cheer-Up!". 7UP makes people real optimists, who can always find simple way out of the most difficult situations.

Milk "Моё" is represented by the wide range of products with various fat content, flavor additives, and vitamin additives. Milk "Моё" – is really natural, tasty and useful!

For production of the milk:
- only high-quality raw stock is used;
- high-temperature technology guarantees preservation of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients;
- no preservatives and other artificial additives are used.
- unique package protects the product against impact of light and air, keeping it fresh for 6 months at room temperature.

Mirinda – is the globally known brand of sweet carbonated soft drink with juice.

There are a lot of types of Mirinda with various tastes: orange, apple, grapefruit, strawberry, pineapple, banana, grapes.

The name "Mirinda" was taken from the international language "Esperanto", and originally meant "admirable, wonderful".

Chips "Гризли" are prepared of natural Kazakhstani potatoes fried in the high-quality palm oil.

Chips "Гризли" are the irreplaceable companion of the modern and active person. It allows to satisfy the hunger and get the powerful charge of energy! It doesn't matter where you are, either walking, on picnic, in cinema or at the party the inimitable tastes of "Гризли" make the life even brighter and richer!

All pleasant and unforgettable life’s moments can be measured by cups of Piala Gold tea.

Chat with friends, family dinner or romantic date – any occasion is accompanied by one, two and even 10 cups of Piala tea.

The variety of Piala Gold tea assortment gives everyone the possibility to find his own favorite taste. High-quality sorts of tea used in production of Piala tea make its taste unique and unforgettable. Special method of tea leaf cutting allows keeping all useful features of this invigorative tea.

Citi – it is refreshing cold tea with a light fragrance and great taste

This natural drink is made from greed and black tea base with different fruit flavours. In the Citi assortment, there are blends with lemon juice (black and green tea with lemon) and peach (Black and green tea with Peach). Citi is light, refreshing drink and most importantly Citi Refreshes and invigorates you any time of the day.