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Stunning news! Bauyrzhan Dzholchiev found finally his team

The whole world is in expectation of the UEFA Champions League final, and the festival will be provided by fans, players and organizers, including many famous companies. Over the years, Pepsi supports the fans throughout the world in their love for football.


Net profit of RG Brands in I quarter is increased in 9.7 times

The net profit of “RG Brands” JSC in I quarter was 1.374 bln tenge, i.e. in 9.7 times more than in the same period of 2015, according to the business portal National Business. Pursuant to the consolidated financial statements of the company, the proceeds were 9.412 bln tenge ...


How to make ASU water

We managed to visit the area where no journalist’s foot may tread – ASU water manufacturing plant. “Water manufacturing” is a strange phrase at first sight. Water is everywhere, it is “manufactured” by the nature. It turned out that it's not all as easy as it sounds. To provide the consumer with the most tasty and useful water ...


Shall we drink tea with brown deposits?

I think everybody wonders what deposit is left from tea after drinking off?  How bad or even dangerous is it for our organism? We ask this question to the tea manufacturer “Piala GOLD”, brand No 1 in Kazakhstan, RGBrands Company.