MEET SOLNECHNYI LEMONADE! The first lemonade with natural fruit juice

Friends, we have wonderful news for you! We launched the first lemonade with natural fruit juice on the market under the brand “Solnechnyi”! Solnechnyi Lemonade is a unique drink that combines both merits of classic lemonade and health properties of fruit. Today we have three bright tastes: loved since childhood Duchess and Buratino and a new mix of fruit and berry notes – Tutti-Frutti. Thanks to fruit content, each of them both refreshes and carries health properties of fruit.

Solnechnyi Lemonade is sure to contribute to a large family of “sunny” brands. Solnechnyi has an undeniable advantage – natural fruit juice. This distinguishes the brand from other carbonated drinks. Solnechnyi is both delicious and healthy lemonade. Amid summertime heat, on a holiday table or during a basket lunch – it is always in place.

Best value for money is very important for large families with children or newly-married couples.

Solnechnyi Lemonade is tasty, healthy and budget-friendly.

We hope that you and your family will enjoy our Solnechnyi Lemonade. Taste it, enjoy it, share it with your family and friends!

We wish you a great summer!