ASU Water – Official Partner of “Armanga zhol” Karaganda Marathon

The marathon organizer - the bronze medalist of the Athens Olympic Games Dmitriy Karpov, who is now the director of the Karaganda Child Physical Culture School of Athletics, said: - We give thanks to the official partner - A’SU mark. We would not have get through lack of water without it. Instead of the planned three thousand, more than 5000 persons took part in the marathon. Air temperature rose up to 30 degree, and had the water been insufficient, anything would have been possible. We have made sure that RGBrands Company is a professional in this issue; therefore, we recommend to everybody, who will carry out marathons in future, to work just with the A’SU Mark.

- Based on the great experience of public event support, particularly marathons, we foresaw that fairly large number of people may come to the event, much more than registered on the eve. Due to lack of organizers’ experience, our company proposed and made the reserve water storehouse. And, it was the good running. Instead of the planned 4000 liters, which were supplied to the marathon place, we distributed to the marathon participants more than 5000 liters of water and beverages. Taking into account the hot weather, we helped to avoid dehydration of people; in fact, it is known that non-compliance with the safety rules at marathon may be dangerous for life. We understand that and, with our multi-year experience, we know how to manage the water supply under various restricted traffic conditions, - said the Director on Communication and Event Management of RGBrands Kazakhstan Company Yuliya Moldabergenova.

Specially, for the child distance participants, at the tape, the RGBrands team organized distribution of juices with plastic tubes and cold tea. Down girls and boys took gladly the beverages. In order to distribute the A’SU water and beverages, RGBrands Company organized two pavilions with bottled water at the marathon. One volunteer team distributed freely the beverages at the start and finish areas, firstly to the children, then to the adult participants of the marathon. The other team spread along the line of march. The volunteers poured water in plastic cups and gave them in motion to the marathon runners running the long distances. The sportsmen wetted themselves with water or drank the water.

But the healthy life style is not only good health and clean water. That is cleanness of the city where we live. Therefore, in the partnership with the local enterprise “GorComTrans” LLP, RGBrands Company organized installation of special wastebaskets for collection of empty plastic bottles, which were collected and disposed after the marathon.

- Thus, the A’SU Brand not only helped to run the marathon at the high quality, providing the sportsmen with clean drinkable water, but also enabled the marathon runners and guests of Karaganda city to make their contribution in preservation of the city cleanness, - said the Director on Communication and Event Management of RGBrands Kazakhstan Company Yuliya Moldabergenova to comment the marathon support.

- We continue our approach – to help to everybody to run their marathon, as well as we call the people to keep the marathon clean. This is great sports festival for the city, which is the first in Karaganda, we are glad to assist and to support. We hope that this marathon will become the good tradition for Karaganda and will continue its activities for the long years. We will support!