Depot WPF Branding Agency and RG Brands Company redesigned the package of DaDa – one of Kazakhstan juice brands. New package sends the message to consumers that DaDa juice is the right choice for a healthy start of a day.

Dada is among the brands with the highest consumer awareness rate on the Kazakhstan market of juices and nectars (95%), according to Aided Awareness Rate, Millward Brown (May 2016), and a flagship of RG Brands Company. DaDa juices and nectars are sold in 20 major cities of Kazakhstan and 24 cities of Russia.

Until quite recently, DaDa was marketed as a family product; brand focus on family values was reflected in the slogan: “DaDa – For the Whole Family”. However, this market positioning has long ceased to meet the market demands, so RG Brands opted to refresh the brand. The Company chose Depot WPF Branding Agency as a redesign partner.

Based on the market survey results, the project team placed a bet on DaDa juice positioning as a perfect morning drink – a combination of energy and essential vitamins. Package design is an ideal perfection of the brand positioning: from the descriptor – Healthy Morning – which is a part of the logo on down to infographics elements on the sides of Tetra-Pak.

“Package design reflects the trend of smart consumption: using soft infographics elements we tell why DaDa juices are so good and why it is particularly useful to drink them in the morning, - says Eugenia Struk, artistic director of the project. – Handmade icons and symbols we use make the package friendly and emphasize naturalness of our juices. In addition, game-like typography makes the brand less formal, as if hinting that DaDa addresses its consumers in a friendly way, on the first-name terms.

Bright blue, unlike any other in the category, gives prominence to DaDa brand on the store shelf and brightens the product zone making the images of fruit and berries even more tempting.