ASU at the 14-th Asia Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Championship in Astana

Nine medals, including 5 silver ones and 4 gold ones. That is the result of Kazakhstan sportsmen at the 14-th Asia Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Junior Championship. For the first time in recent years, this competition was held in Astana, and the national sportswomen showed actually the maximum result and did not only win the medals, but also obtained the rank of the “Master of Sports of International Class”.

The 14-th Asia Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Junior Championship was held in Astana city from April 27 to May 01, 2016. Its organizers were “Kazakhstan Gymnastic Federation“  Public Association and “Federation of Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics of Astana city” Public Association with support of the Culture and Sports Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Akimat of the capital.

The official water partner was the ASU brand.

80 strongest sportswomen from 13 Asia region countries in age of 13-15 took part in the competition. Ten sportswomen from Kazakhstan took part in the Asia Championship – six woman-gymnasts represented our country in group event – they were Regina Sultanova, Dayana Zhakupova, Jessica Budnik, Anel Talgatbek, Camila Koptleu and Aruzhan Kazbekova (all from Astana city). And four woman-gymnasts competed in individual event – they were Alina Adilkhanova from Karaganda oblast, Adilya Tlekenova and Alena Vasenkina from Astana and Amina Rustemova from South-Kazakhstan oblast.

The Asia Gymnastic Union (AGU) appointed the Member of the Technical Committee - Yamamoto Rika (Japan) as the Head Judge of the 14-th Asia Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Junior Championship. The panel of judges consisted of the representatives from the Democratic Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei, Korea Republic, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, as well as independent judges from Iran.

24 sets of medals were awarded in the competition.

In the individual program, 44 participants competed for awards in some combined events – rope routine, hoop event, ball routine and club event, in team competition and individual event finals.

The competition was visited by the representatives of the International Gymnastic Federation (FIG) – Watanabe Morinari (member of the Technical Committee – candidate for FIG presidency) and Central Asia Vice-President of the Asia Gymnastic Union (AGU) Ruslan Mustaev, who highly appreciated the skills of our sportswomen. Also, they pointed out the high level of preparation, holding and organization of the Championship in Astana. According to the results of the Asia Championship, they recommended to hold also the World Cup for this sport event in the capital of Kazakhstan.

“Based on the results of the Asia Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Junior Championship, ten ranks of the Master of Sports of International Class were obtained by us. Nobody was left without medals, that was unconditional success for the whole rhythmic sportive gymnastics of Kazakhstan”, - said delightedly the Vice-President of the Kazakhstan Gymnastic Federation Bekturganova M. Young talented and competitive woman-gymnasts appear in Kazakhstan even only with enthusiasm. It should be noted that the rhythmic sportive gymnastics is essentially quite young spot in terms of age. As a rule, girls start to exercise in age of four years and end in age of 20-22. Therefore, time to break through and to capture medals in the high international field is very limited. And just now, our country is nearby to obtain more medals: there is potential both among young people and among coaches whose composition was recently renewed approximately by 60%. For example, Kazakhstan was never represented in group events in this sport at the adult Olympic Games. And today, we have the girls who may try to obtain the licenses for the main life start of any sportsman in 2020. Thus, this Asia Championship may be surely called as the just start of breakthroughs.