RG Brands Company is awarded the highest award in the assessment of quality - the premium of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa", as the "Best enterprise producing goods for the population" among the subjects of a large enterprise.

About us

It is a leading company in the field of food and beverage in Kazakhstan. Founded in 1994, RG Brands Company today has 4 production sites in the North and South of Kazakhstan with total capacity of 750 million liters a year.

RG Brands produces a range of strong brands and takes leading market positions in all business segments. Availability of its own nationwide platform for sales and distribution with high share of direct sales lets the company strongly keep advanced positions.

A particular highlight of the company is production and logistics center «Aksengir» which is one of the most progressive and modern factories in Central Asia with the territory of 21 ha.

RG Brands provides 2000 people with workplaces. The staff is represented by local talents and also qualified specialists from near abroad and far-abroad countries.



1994 Company foundation. An exclusive distributor of global international brands in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

1999 Launch of the first own juice production line with DaDa juice; Launch of Pepsi.

2000 Launch of the first own tea brand Piala.

2002 Development of a holding company «RG Brands» S.A.

2004 Extension of tea bags production at «Тealand» factory.

2004 Purchase of a milk factory from Nestle and launch of own milk brand МОЕ.

2005 Start of production for such brands as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up, DaDa, Nektar Sonlechniy.

2006 Expansion and reinforcement of capacities at current production sites in terms of carbonated drinks, snacks and milk.

2006 Launch of Lipton ice tea, according to franchise agreement.

2007 Launch of own potato chips Grizzly.

2009 Launch of «Aksengir» the biggest factory in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

2010 Launch of ASU water.

2011 Launch of new products: Yeti, Aport shorle.

2012 Launch of Citi ice tea.

2015 Launch of a new product Piala Ice tea.